We get you in front of clients
interested in your product

Building & scaling a sales team takes time

Lift provides you with flexible expert sales personnel to help you build or scale your sales capacity instantly

How it works


Understand the product

We take the utmost care to understand the product and the ideal target audience before we book meetings. Good targeting is key to delivering value on both sides of the table.


We book meetings

We find prospects who will benefit greatly from your product, present them to you for approval, and then call them on behalf of your company. We then do the initial value proposition and book a meeting for you.


Close the sale

You go in and do your normal sales pitch to close the sale. Return feedback to us to continuously improve the targeting of prospects.

Our Values

Sales is about understanding & matching value. Cold calling is the opposite of sales.

To ensure our ability to deliver value across the board we only work with a limited number of companies at a time.

Similarly, it is paramount for us to understand what we're selling before we agree to pitch to our prospects.

Contact us for a talk about your product and how we can help.

How we measure success

Matching business needs

Sales Canvas

Understand the product

We developed a sales canvas to ensure we understand what you're offering and who you're targeting. We'll sit down and fill in the information together to fully understand how to sell for you.

Create Value

Win-Win scenario

Our goal is to have both sides of the table walk away feeling like a winner, only then do we consider our job done successfully.

Grow Network

Expert Sales Staff

Our sales people cultivate their network meticulously. Carefully matching your offering with the their business needs ensures highly targeted customers.

Sales Calculator

Your customer life-time value is $ USD and with your conversion rate each individual meeting is worth $ USD while you pay your sales staff $ USD commission over the customer life time.

With our structure you'd pay $800 USD per meeting, giving you a per-meeting savings of $ USD plus base salary, target bonuses, MPF, and other overheads.
Use our calculator to understand the life time value of a client over all their years with you - considering your price point, churn and conversion rate.

Choose your commitment

Choose a package to start the conversation on how we can help.


$800 USD / meeting10 Meetings Package
  • Highly targeted prospect
  • Genuine product interest
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$1000 USD / meeting3 Meetings Package
  • Highly targeted prospect
  • Genuine product interest
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